Criminals or Victims?

Criminals or Victims?

I read an interesting article on Huffington Post today (A Revision on the Bill of Rights, Part III) that really made be go Huh? The gist of the article was that when citizens exercise their 2nd Amendment right, and their right of self-preservation, by shooting a criminal in the act of committing a crime, they are denying that criminal of their right to fair justice, the author states; “The main problem with the notion of self-defense is it imposes on justice, for everyone has the right for a fair trial.” I find this mindset very disturbing, and seems to be a common theme for many of the left leaning politicians and journalists. The problem I have with this rhetorical diatribe is that it presumes that the criminals actually have greater rights than their intended victims. This has already been very well illustrated in the highly publicized police shootings of so called “victims”. I cannot fathom how anyone could actually believe that someone who chooses to act in a criminal fashion, sometimes with the intent of causing great bodily harm, should be afforded the same, or greater, rights than the intended victim? How is this even remotely rational? Following this logic, how long will it be before we just stop pursuing criminals and prosecuting them for their crimes? Justifying their behavior because they are misunderstood? or just less fortunate that us?  As a society we need laws to ensure that we do not devolve into some form of a post apocalyptic future, where fear and terror reign supreme.

We do not need to punish the innocent because evil people have made a choice to be criminals. There is NO good reason for anyone to commit a crime against another person. And I for one, and very thankful that our founding had the foresight to enact the Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd Amendment, so that citizens can exercise that right in time of need.


Welcome to my blog. Through this medium I hope to impart my thoughts on a wide range of diverse subjects, based on my own experiences, and my families. The name of my blog comes from my very sweet Grand Daughter. Besides being a Poppa, I am also a Husband, Brother, Father and Step-Father.

I am Off-Center where it comes to Politics, not a full Republican, nor Democrat. I lean more towards more of a constitutional Conservative believing in what The Founding Fathers envisioned….a limited government, constrained by The Constitution. I believe that both political parties have veered so far off course that they are unrecognizable…and no longer represent The People.

I am both pro choice, and pro gay marriage. I fell the government has no business in the sexuality or procreation business. None.

I have been working in the IT Field for 30 years, my last full-time endevor was as a Consultant working on large scale State IT Healthcare Projects. Traveling and complexities of dealing with large (too big) projects led me to take a break. For the past several months I have enjoyed spending time with my Wife, and Grand Daughter, while taking care of little projects around the house. I have recently starting working with my Father-In law on some house flipping projects. So far this has been a much more full-filling activity.

Along with the house projects, I am bleeding off some more of my energy here on my blog. I hope you find some of what I write to be interesting, or at least amusing.